Thayer. Family Portrait.

Anytime a family welcomes me into their home, for a more intimate family photoshoot, there is such a different feel to it. As the kids are waking up from naps, I was able to capture a few pictures of the home filled with child artwork, animal crackers, family photos, and of course — the best toy ever: light sabers. No kid will ever rule the world without one. Xavier at 4 years of age, has energy that fills a room and a smile that just melts your heart. Baby Felix, only 6 weeks old — and as precious as ever. The Thayers have such a sweet family love for each other and it definitely shows in these precious moments that I was able to capture. Thanks for letting me spend the day with you. Enjoy!

Thayer_25.s Thayer_26.s Thayer_24.s Thayer_23.s Thayer_22.s Thayer_17.s Thayer_18.s Thayer_19.s Thayer_20.s Thayer_21.s Thayer_16.s Thayer_11.s Thayer_10.s Thayer_15.s Thayer_14.s Thayer_09.s Thayer_13.s Thayer_08.s Thayer_12.s Thayer_07.s Thayer_01.s Thayer_06.s Thayer_05.s Thayer_04.s Thayer_03.s Thayer_02.s


Valencia Family Photos

Love photographing generations of a family the represent more than 50 years together. The Valencia family opened their home and hearts to me for a fun easy-going kind of shoot. With the sun setting on the Oregon Mountains of Las Cruces giving them that bluish tint, we had the perfect background for a family photo shoot. It is truly inspiring to see couples who have lasted for so many years and who can still hug and smile at each other as if it were the first time they had ever met. What a true representation of LOVE!

Valencia_01 Valencia_02 Valencia_03 Valencia_04 Valencia_05 Valencia_06 Valencia_07 Valencia_08 Valencia_09 Valencia_10 Valencia_11 Valencia_12 Valencia_13 Valencia_14 Valencia_15 Valencia_16 Valencia_17 Valencia_18 Valencia_19 Valencia_20 Valencia_21 Valencia_22

Wolmarans-Key-Barnes. Family Portrait.

Sometimes I think I left part of my heart in San Antonio. Every time I go back, a warm happy feeling takes over and my whole trip I’m smiling from ear to ear. And I know a huge part of that is because I’m blessed and have the opportunity to be around some of my favorite people in the world. This photoshoot was crazy, but so much fun. This family embodies so much gratitude, beauty and positive energy that they have impacted and continue to impact the lives of so many people around them, including myself. I have been blessed with opportunity after opporunity because of this family. And I will be forever grateful. Thank you again for an amazing and carefree photoshoot. Enjoy the photos!

Wolmarans_01.s Wolmarans_02.s Wolmarans_03.s Wolmarans_04.s Wolmarans_05.s Wolmarans_06.s Wolmarans_07.s Wolmarans_08.s Wolmarans_09.s Wolmarans_10.s Wolmarans_11.s Wolmarans_12.s Wolmarans_13.s Wolmarans_14.s Wolmarans_15.s Wolmarans_16.s Wolmarans_17.s Wolmarans_18.s Wolmarans_19.s Wolmarans_20.s Wolmarans_21.s Wolmarans_22.s Wolmarans_23.s Wolmarans_24.s Wolmarans_25.s Wolmarans_26.s Wolmarans_27.s Wolmarans_28.s Wolmarans_29.s Wolmarans_30.s Wolmarans_31.s Wolmarans_32.s Wolmarans_33.s Wolmarans_34.s Wolmarans_35.s Wolmarans_36.s Wolmarans_37.s Wolmarans_38.s Wolmarans_39.s Wolmarans_40.s Wolmarans_41.s Wolmarans_42.s Wolmarans_43.s Wolmarans_44.s Wolmarans_45.s Wolmarans_46.s Wolmarans_47.s Wolmarans_48.s Wolmarans_49.s Wolmarans_50.s Wolmarans_51.s Wolmarans_52.s Wolmarans_53.s

Loerwald. Family Portrait.

It was such a beautiful, crisp autumn moring that I ventured out with the Loerwald bunch to the changing colors of the Bosque. How cute is this family? With Angie being a gorgeous mama and Dax is one lucky stud. Growing up with these two since middle school.. (has it been that long!!?) has surely been an adventure. But I cannot quite describe the love these two have for each other and now their little bundle of joy, Jackson. This shoot was full of giggles and snuggling up. And I loved every bit of capturing it. Thank you for having me as your photographer and as a lifelong friend. You three are such a blessing. Love you.

Loerwald_01.s Loerwald_02.s Loerwald_03.s Loerwald_04.s Loerwald_05.s Loerwald_06.s Loerwald_07.s Loerwald_08.s Loerwald_09.s Loerwald_10.s Loerwald_11.s Loerwald_12.s Loerwald_13.s Loerwald_14.s Loerwald_15.s

Sara Meyer. Senior Pics

Meet Sara. A beautiful, hazel-green eyed girl who I had the pleasure of photographing this morning. She made this shoot super fun and easy with her sweet, loving charm and spunky youth. About to graduate from La Cueva and has so much ahead of her from her passion in cheerleading to her classic intelligence to maybe contemplating my suggestion to be a model. Congratulations on your journey ahead and I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. Thank you for thinking of me as your photographer!

SaraMeyer_01.s SaraMeyer_02.s SaraMeyer_03.s SaraMeyer_4.5.s SaraMeyer_04.s SaraMeyer_05.s SaraMeyer_06.s SaraMeyer_07.s SaraMeyer_08.s SaraMeyer_09.s SaraMeyer_10.s SaraMeyer_11.s SaraMeyer_12.s SaraMeyer_13.s SaraMeyer_14.s SaraMeyer_15.s SaraMeyer_16.s

Lopez Wedding

You know you had a great photo shoot when the post image editing process seems more like play. The Lopez family were such a joy to photograph with their unique personalities, smiles and endless laughter… I could still feel the emotion of this day, weeks after I shot the images. They brought me to tears. What a beautiful family that embodies so much love. I truly enjoyed capturing the first few moments of this downtown wedding. We even ventured for plaza dancing and ice cream in Old Town, Albuquerque afterwards. Enjoy!

Lopez_01.s Lopez_02.s Lopez_03.s Lopez_04.s Lopez_05.s Lopez_06.s Lopez_07.s Lopez_08.s Lopez_09.s Lopez_10.BW.s Lopez_10.s Lopez_11.s Lopez_12.s Lopez_13.BW.s Lopez_14.s Lopez_15.s Lopez_16.s Lopez_17.s Lopez_18.s Lopez_19.s Lopez_20.s Lopez_21.s Lopez_22.s Lopez_23.s Lopez_24.s Lopez_25.s Lopez_26.s Lopez_27.s Lopez_28.s Lopez_29.s Lopez_30.s

Michael Ward. Senior Pics.

I can’t even believe that this handsome guy is all grown up! I have known his family since I was 9 and grew up with them. In my eyes, he’s still the cutest 7-year-old little brother of my best friend getting into mischief. But in reality, he’s all grown up, about to graduate from Eldorado High School and has so much ahead of him. He has become a star football player, a handsome young man, and a guy ready for adventure. I’m so lucky to have been blessed with such an amazing family, so close to my heart and I look forward to more memories together!

Michael.1.2.s Michael.03.s Michael.4.1.s Michael.04.s Michael.05.s Michael.06.s Michael.07.s Michael.08.s Michael.09.s Michael.10.s Michael.11.s Michael.12.s Michael.13.s Michael.14.s Michael.15.s Michael.16.s